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Gus Cohen

Titanic Surivivor Gus Cohen, Sunk... Bombed... Shot
But "The Cat" Lived On.

Gus Cohen -
His friends called him "The Cat" which has nine lives, because of his many close calls. A printer by trade, Gus Cohen was emigrating from Britain to the United States in 1912 looking for work. He was traveling third class on S.S. Titanic when the inevitable happened. Women and children first, he was unable to board a lifeboat. At the end, Gus jumped into the sea, luckily he was picked up and saved.

During the First World War, his country needed him: Gus returned to England volunteering in the British Army. He was shot in the head which disabled him, he lost sight in one eye but he survived.

During the Second World War his place of business was hit by German bombs and at the time Gus happened to be outside, so Gus once again survived.

There were blackouts in the city and as he was disembarking from a subway train he went out on the wrong side falling on the tracks, but he survived.

After the war there was another remarkable incident; a radio station remembering the 50th anniversary of Titanic's sinking was interviewing survivors, Gus was asked to participate. Taking a taxi to the station, the cabby said he was going in the opposite direction to pick up another fare and was it all right to drop him off a block away? Gus replied it was no problem to walk a short distance. Soon after leaving the taxi, a drunk driver plowed right into Gus, again he survived.

When he did pass away, it was from old age.

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