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For museums,
FREE doesn't mean
without costs.

At a recent Titanic Historical Society event, a crowd awaited the unveiling of this collapsible lifeboat. The replica is indeed impressive and will be a highlight in the new museum. Seeing a large life-size object up close like this boat or a liner's anchor helps visitors to envision how big these ocean mammoths were.

Paul Louden-Brown described the challenges that every museum encounters with new acquisitions. An acquisition, the event guests learned was only the beginning. Ed Kamuda addressed the gathering: "A couple of years ago 20th Century Fox contacted the THS inquiring if we were interested in a lifeboat...."

The crowd applauded loudly and he continued, "It was a loan, free, the only thing THS had to pay was the cost of shipping...and being a collapsible, there was less of a chance it would be needed... The other Titanic lifeboats were used in the recent movie, Pearl Harbor.

Cross country transport was over $7,000; a vehicle was necessary to unload then transfer to a boatyard. The cost of a boat trailer, storage, repair and rebuilding totaled between $12 - 13,000. Of course this doesn't include outfitting with oars, sails, lifejackets, hardware or items a lifeboat requires or its maintenance. The point Ed got across was "free" doesn't mean there are no costs and some THS members realized for the first time what preservation means.

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